SQL Server – Row Count for all Tables in a Database

Are you loiking for a SQL SERVER query that gives you an overview of how many row has every single database table?

Look a this

      QUOTENAME(SCHEMA_NAME(sOBJ.schema_id)) + '.' + QUOTENAME(sOBJ.name) AS [TableName]
      , SUM(sPTN.Rows) AS [RowCount]
      sys.objects AS sOBJ
      INNER JOIN sys.partitions AS sPTN
            ON sOBJ.object_id = sPTN.object_id
      sOBJ.type = 'U'
      AND sOBJ.is_ms_shipped = 0x0
      AND index_id < 2 -- 0:Heap, 1:Clustered
      , sOBJ.name
ORDER BY 2 desc

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