AX / D365FO – How to do an Inventory recalculation for on-hand Qty

Sometimes you may see some discrepancy in InventSum table for any item then you may need to recalculate inventsum for particular item. You can try in 2 different ways : With D365FO User Interface Go to System administration > Consistency check Choose : The job will process all the InventSum Items so it could take…

AX / D365FO – Clear Work user sessions on Warehouse Mobile app

Sometimes it may happen that the session of a user logged into the Warehouse mobile app remains blocked or an error prevents you from working. What you have to do in these cases is to close the user’s session.To do this, follow these instructions : Go to : Warehouse management > Inquiries and reports >…

AX / D365FO – Configuring Batch job e-mail Alerts

To configure Batch jobs processing e-mail alert you must : Configure D365FO E-Mail parameters Go to System Administrator > Setup > Email > Email parameters Configure your SMTP Server Settings and insert a Sender Email user Set your e-mail Address in D365FO Go to User options > Accoutn and set : Set the Batch job…


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