AX / D365FO – Override The JumpRef method On A Base Form with Chain of command

I want to override the standard behaviour when I click on CustTable_tutStoreId control of my CustTable Form

First create an extension class of your form and create a new method tutStoreIdJumpRef

final class tutCustTable_Form_Extension
    public void tutStoreIdJumpRef(FormControl _formControl)
        Args args = new Args();
        MenuFunction menuFunction;
        RetailStoreTable  retailStoreTable;

        retailStoreTable = RetailStoreTable::find(_formControl.valueStr());
        menuFunction = new MenuFunction(menuitemdisplaystr(RetailStoreHours),MenuItemType::Display);;


Then override Init() method by using registerOverrideMethod()

public void init()
        FormStringControl   formStringControl;

        next init();

        formStringControl =, CustTable_tutStoreId));
        formStringControl.registerOverrideMethod(methodStr(FormStringControl, jumpRef)
            , methodStr(tutCustTable_Form_Extension, tutStoreIdJumpRef));

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