AX / D365FO – Change the banner or logo for a TEST Environment

Go to Navigation pane > Modules > Organization administration > Organizations > Legal entities.

In the list on the left, select the legal entity for which you want to update the banner or logo. If it is already selected, go to the next step.

Expand Dashboard image tab.

In the Dashboard company image type select Logo or Banner.

The logo is a small image that will appear in the top left side of the dashboard.

The ideal width for a logo image is 350 pixels.

The Banner is a bigger image

The ideal resolution for a banner image is 1920 x 281 pixels.

Select Change.

Select your cust image and Save.

Go to Navigation pane > Modules > Common > Common > Default dashboard. You should see the new banner or logo image on the dashboard.

You may need to change your company, using the company picker, to the one you uploaded the banner for

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