AX / D365FO – List of all Symbols fonts (Image icons for tiles and buttons)

This document contains a list of the available symbols within Dynamics AX, as well as information and guidelines around the usage of symbols in various locations in the product.

The symbol font is used by setting the ImageLocation property to “Symbol” and the Normal Image property to a symbol name listed below.

Guidelines for symbol use by location:
Navigation Bar: The symbols shown in the Navigation Bar are controlled by the client.
Navigation Pane: Workspace symbols shown in the Navigation Pane are defined by the
corresponding workspace tiles.
Action Panes/Toobars: Buttons on the Action Panes should be a combination of symbols
and text for frequently used actions with an appropriate symbol. Otherwise, the buttons
should be text only.
Action Pane fly‐outs: Symbols are not supported on buttons in Action Pane fly‐outs.
Grids: Grids can use symbols for status indication ﴾e.g. done, warning, etc…﴿.
Tiles: Tiles that initiate actions ﴾e.g. New button tiles﴿ should always use a symbol, whereas
other non‐count tiles can optionally include symbols. Count tiles are text only.
Cards: Cards may contain symbols in Toolbars ﴾see the guideline for Toolbars﴿, to indicate
status, and to denote the type of card ﴾e.g. expense types such as airfare, meal, hotel﴿.
Buttons: Buttons can have symbols that match the action being taken. Buttons should
either use symbols to the left of the text, text only, or image only

Here you can you find the original PDF file provided by microsoft :


Workspace specific symbols

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