AX – D365FO – Duplicate a report in AX2012

Go to AOT -> SSRS Reports

Search the report you want to duplicate and export

Choose a location for XPO file

Open exported file with notepad

Change report name with the new name (in my case I added the suffix _ERA in the name) and generate a new GUID (you can use any GUID generator) and save the file

Import the XPO file in AX and click OK

At the rnd of the list you will see your imported Report

Put your report into your personal Project

Put your report data provider class into your project

And duplicate it

…and rename it…

Open Visual Studio and search the report in AOT -> SSRS Reports

Click Edit on report

Delete Data Provider

Add a new one

GO to Dataset properties, change the data source type in “Report Data Provider” and click on ellipsis

Search for newly created Data Provider class and click NEXT

Click OK

Change the name of the DataSet in TaxReport_IT_ERA

Open the designer and remap every tablix dataset with the new DataProvider

Add the project to AOT

Now you’ll find in Dynamics AX model Projects

Now you must duplicate Business logic file.

Go to Visual Studio Projects -> C Sharp Projects

Export file

Open file in notepad and rename with new report name wherever the old report name appears in then file

Also change the .cs name files

Import the file

Now you can see the file in AOT.

Put it in your personal project

Return to your Visual studio project and modify the data mandatory property with the newly created TaxReport_IT_ERAReport.BusinessLogic

Deploy your SSRS project.

If this error occur : “The business logic assembly ………………, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null does not contain a class for report ………………………………………” just double click on any data method to solve the problem

Deploy your project

Add it to your AOT Visual Studio Projects

Choose the Controller class and duplicate it.

Put in your project

Choose the Contract class and duplicate it

You have to make sure that there are no pointers to old objects belonging to the old report

Make a new menu item tha to the new report

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