AX / D365FO – How to solve error : Overdelivery of line is 100,00 percent, but the allowed overdelivery is only 0 percent

If you face this error it means that you’re trying to deliver (for sales orders) or receive (for purchase orders) a quantity that differs from the quantity given on the order line.

To solve this issue you have to :

  • Enable Overdelivery flag on the modules parameters (Account receivables or Procurement and sourcing)
  • Enabled Overdelivery on the product
  • Enabled directly on the order line (Sales or Purchase)

Enable Overdelivery flag on system parameters

  • Enabling Overdelivery on Procurement and sourcing

In TAB “Delivery” enable “Accept overdelivery” flag

  • Enabling Overdelivery on Account receivable

In TAB “Updates” enable “Accept delivery” flag

Enable Overdelivery flag on the product

Now you have to set overdelivery on Release product.

Click Product information management > Common > Released products.

Select a product and then click Edit on the Action Pane.

Then, on the Sell FastTab, enter a percentage in the Overdelivery.

The percentages of overdelivery that is specified is inherited by the order line.

Enable Overdelivery flag on the Order line

If you don’t want to set the overdelivery value by default on a product item, you can override it directly in the order lines

Open a sales order (or a Purchase oreder) and click the line for whom you want to set an overdelivery percentage.

Goes to “Line details” > Delivery > and set the overdelivery percentage

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