AX / D365FO – Create a Simple List Form in D365FO #ax #d365fo #msdyn365fo

This is a Simple list form and it’s the final result we want to obtain

Here are the steps to create a Simple List Form in D365FO

  • Right click on VS Project and Add new item
  • Click on Dynamics 365 Items > User Interface > Form > Insert the Form name > Add
  • Right click on Data Source > New data source > Properties and choose the table you want to add as data source
  • Now let’s apply Simple list pattern
    Right click on Design > Apply pattern > Simple List
  • This is the pattern we applied. We must fill the red fields
  • First create an Action pane
  • Add New Group

  • Apply a “Custom and Quick FIlters” on “FormGroupControl1” Group

  • Click on “FormGroupControl1” Group and add a new QuickFilter
  • Add new grid object in Design
  • Now lets’ add some fields in the grid
  • Let’s create a new display Menu item
  • Ad your form in the Object Property
  • Change label Name in “Simple List TEST”
  • Add the menu item in a D365FO menu (eg.Sales and marketing)
    To do that you have to create a menu extension

Under “Setup” > New > Submenu

  • Call it “TEST”. Right click on it > New > Menu item reference
  • Add your Display item to menu
  • Build your solution and open D365FO at Sales And Marketing > Setup > Simple List Test
  • This is the final result

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