AX / D365FO – Electronic reporting – Register a new ER LCS repository #ax #d365fo #msdyn365fo

Register a new ER LCS Repository

To create a new Electronic reporting LCS Repository you must login to D365FO portal with an Administrator Account.

  • Go to Organization administration > Workspaces > Electronic reporting.
  • In the Configuration providers section, select your configuration provider tile.
  • Select Repositories.You can now open the list of repositories of your configuration provider.
  • Select Add to open the drop-down dialog box.You can now add a new repository.
  • In the Configuration repository enter field, select LCS.
  • Select Create repository.
  • In the Project field, enter or select a value. For this example, select the desired LCS project. You must have access to the project.
  • Select OK.Complete a new repository entry.
  • In the list, mark the selected row.For this example, select the LCS repository record.Note that a registered repository is marked by the current provider. In other words, only configurations that are owned by that provider can be put in this repository and therefore uploaded into the selected LCS project.
  • Select Open.You open the repository to view the list of ER configurations. If the selected project hasn’t yet been used for ER configurations sharing, the list will be empty.

Upload an ER Configuration in LCS

  • Now you can share your personal ER Configuration with other environments by uploading them in LCS.
    Let’s do an example.
    Return to your ER Providers and click on “Reporting Configurations”

  • Create a new configuration
  • Change the status in “Completed”.
  • OK
  • And now change the status in “Share”. This status will upload your newly created configuration in LCS repository
  • OK
  • Now return in LCS. Enter in your project (the one you chose when you created LCS repository)
  • Open project Asset library
  • Go to “GER Configuration” and you’ll find your configuration!!

Download an ER Configuration from LCS

  • Now you can login to another environment and download your newly created ER Configuration.
    Let’s see how to do it.
    Login to another environment.
  • Repeat the procedure you did before to register the LCS Repository (first part of this document)
  • Once completed click on the reppository and click Open
  • Select your ER configuration and click “Import” button in the “Version” tab
  • Click YES
  • You’ll find the configuration inside “Reporting configuration” Section

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