AX / D365FO – Access with Administrator rights in a D365FO Virtual machine development environment (Tier1) with AdminUserProvisioning

When you access a new development virtual machine (Tier 1) your user cannot access the D365FO environment.

To access you must be an Administrator.

To become an Administrator you can use “AdminUserProvisioning” tool.

Follow these steps to get it :

  • Login to your VM
  • Open IIS Manager
  • Go to “Sites” > Right click on AOSService > click on Explore
  • WebRoot folder opens. Go up of one level into AosService.
  • Open PackageLocalDirectory
  • Open Bin folder
  • Open “AdminUserProvisioning.exe”
  • Type your email address and click “Submit

Wait several minutes and a message will advise you that your account have been provisioned as Administrator.

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