AX / D365FO – Electronic reportings – Export Data model configurations between environments

Have you just created an electronic reporting report in a development environment and want to upload it to another environment without doing it from scratch?

The correct way is to share the data model in LCS, but for testing purpose I’ll prefer to expor t the model definition using an XML configuration file.

So let’s do it!

Export and Import Data Model Configuration using XML file

First select your data model, select the last Completed version and click on > “Exchange” > “Export as XML file”

Execute the export

An XML file will be downloaded into the browser

Now login to your target environment and access in the Electronic reporting Configurations Workspace

Click on “Exchange” > “Load from XML file” and upload the xml file you previously exported from the source environment

And magically you’ll find the new data model in the model reporting list

Export and Importa derived configurations

Follow the same procedure to export and import a derived Configuration, but pay attention that in the Import operation the derived base configuration and the early exported Parent configuration are the same version otherwise you’ll get the following error :

Reference of the object ‘XXXXXX’ to the object ‘Base’ ({XXXXXXGUIDXXXXX},9) cannot be established

To solve this error simply rebase the derived configuration to the last Parent configuration like this :

Choose the same version of its parent configuration

Export Data Model definition using LCS

However the correct way to share data model definition is using LCS.+This video will explain how to do it >

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