Azure Devops – Add or remove a Swimlane in a Kanban Board

So, what swimlanes will support your tracking needs?

Once you’ve identified one or two, add them to your Kanban board.

  • Open your Kanban board
  • Choose the  gear icon to configure the board and set general team settings.Screenshot of gear icon to open board settings for a team.
  • Choose Swimlanes and then choose the  plus icon and enter the name of the swimlane you want to add.Kanban board settings dialog, Add a swimlaneThe default lane appears unlabeled on the Kanban board. You can rename it to anything you like, however, you can’t delete it. Also, you can rename it directly from the Kanban board.
  • To reorder your swimlanes, grab the lane and move it up or down.Kanban board settings dialog, Reorder a swimlane
  • If you need to delete a swimlane, first move all items out of the lane. Then open the Settings dialog, choose the  actions icon and select Remove.Kanban board settings dialog, Remove a swimlane
  • When done with your changes, choose Save.

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