AX / D365FO – Install Quality update in a Sandbox or Production environment in LCS #d365fo

A quality update is a cumulative, roll-up build that contains fixes for known issues that are specific to the service update.

A quality update is available when your environment is running the same version of the current service update (n), or when your environment is running on one version older than the current service update (n-1). For example, if the current service update is version 10.0.2, you will have the option to choose a quality update if you’re running version 10.0.2, or if you’re running one version older, which is 10.0.1.

There will be no quality update available for any version that’s older than 2 versions of the current service update. You will have to apply the latest service update to stay current.

Access your LCS Project

Access the environment you want to check (choose Sandbox or Production environment)

. To create a package for a Quality Update of an Environment you need to go in the “Available updates” section in the Environment details page and click on the “View update”

After which we need to click on “Save package” to create our package

Click on “Select all” and after that on “Save package” again

Give it a reasonable Name and Description for you

Save the package (it may take several minutes) and click done.

After that the package should appear in the Asset library give it some time to get validated and you can go and apply it.


Access again into your environment

Click on “Maintain” –> “Apply updates”

Select Quality update from your asset library list, give it a unique name then click “Apply” to install

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