AX – D365FO – How to retrieve classes involved in a workflow

Find the handler classes that are triggered when a workflow starts is not an easy

First you have to get the workflow ID and name

In this example the workflow ID is 000009 and the name is “VendrequestNVATTemplate”

After find the name go to Visual Studio and search for it in AOT.

Opern the designer and explode the node called “Supported elements”. Inside you’ll find the workflow elements.

We’ll open “AppovalVendRequestNVAApproval” element and in property window find the real name of this element which is “VendRequestNVAApproval”

Search for “VendRequestNVAApproval” in AOT, open designer and you’ll get the workflow handlers which are triggered after worklow is started.

In this case the handler class (VendVendorRequestsNVAApprovalEventHander) is the same for “Canceled Event Handler” and “Started Event Handler” .

This is the handler code. Now you’re able to debug the workflow.

To debug the you must attach Visual Studio to the “Batch.exe” process

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