AX – D365FO – Executing external x++ code with RunBuf() function

With Runbuf() you can execute an external x++ code

To show how it works, I am going to use this function to execute code read from an external file. In this example I want to retrieve the Customer Name from a given Customer Account number.

First create an external file in c:\temp\ and call it “findCustomer.xpp” and insert this code inside :

CustTable findCustomer(CustAccount _accountNum)
    return CustTable::find(_accountNum);

Then create this job and execute it.

static void ExecuteCodeFromFile(Args _args)
   AsciiIo asciiIo = new AsciiIo(“c:\\temp\\findCustomer.xpp”,#io_read);
   XppCompiler xppCompiler = new XppCompiler();
   Source source;
   str line;
   CustTable custTable;

   if (asciiIo)
      [line] =;
      while (asciiIo.status() == IO_Status::Ok)
          source += #delimiterEnter;
          source += line;
          [line] =;
      if (!xppCompiler.compile(source))
          error (xppCompiler.errorText());

      custTable = runbuf(source,'4000');
      print CustTable.Name;
      print “Could not open file”;

What’s happened?

First the file c:\temp\findCustomer.xpp is read into source.

Source is then compiled and if that goes ok it is executed.

‘4000’ is passed as a parameter simply by adding it to the runbuf() call.

I had trouble getting code compiled that I had written using notepad. As it turns out, the compiler does not accept the tab character. So if you are going to try this out, watch out for that.

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