AX – D365FO – Refresh database data from a production environment to a sandbox environment (UAT) in LCS

You can use Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) to perform a refresh of the database to a sandbox user acceptance testing (UAT) environment. A database refresh lets you copy the transactional and financial reporting databases of your production environment into the target, sandbox UAT environment. If you have another sandbox environment, you can also copy the databases from that environment to your target, sandbox UAT environment.

To refresh Database follow these instructions :

  • Visit your target sandbox on the Environment Details page, and click the Maintain > Move database menu option.
  • Select the Refresh database option and choose your source environment.
  • The refresh operation will begin immediately.

Copying production data during business hours or peak hours could have an impact on the production system. It’s highly recommended to do the refresh database operation during off-peak hours and limit only one refresh operation at a time.

Copying production data to your sandbox environment for the purpose of production reporting is not supported.

To better understand the refresh functional follow the Microsoft official documentation :

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