AX – D365FO – Data package numbering sequences

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Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) contains multiple base data packages that you can use to reduce the implementation time.

These packages contain the elements that are required in each module/area in order to meet the minimum requirements. For advanced business processes, you might have to add more entities to the list of packages.

The data packages that Microsoft publishes on LCS use a numbering sequence that is based on the module, data type, and sequence.

Here is an example:

  • Module/area number
Module/area number.
  • Data type numbering
Data type numbering.
  • Numbering format
Numbering format.

The names of data packages include the numbering format, which is followed by the module abbreviation and then a description. For example, the following illustration shows the General ledger data packages.

General ledger data packages.

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