AX – D365FO – Set up customer category hierarchies for trade allowance

Create customer category hierarchies

Use this procedure to create a customer category hierarchy.

  • Click Trade allowance management > Setup > Customer category hierarchy.
  • In the Category hierarchy form, click New, and in the Name field, enter a name for the category hierarchy. For example, if you were creating a category hierarchy for regions in a geographical location, you might call it Customer by region.
  • On the Categories FastTab, select the category node, and in the Name field, enter the name of the parent category. Following the example from step 1, you might call the parent category Regions.
  • Click New category node, select the new category node, and then, in the Name field, enter the name for the subcategory.
  • Repeat step 4 until you have added all of the required subcategories.
  • Optional: If the subcategories require their own subcategories, select the appropriate subcategory, click New category node, and enter the new category name.

Add customers to a customer category hierarchy

Use this procedure to add one or more customers to a category hierarchy.

  1. Click Trade allowance management > Setup > Customer category hierarchy.
  2. In the Category hierarchy form, click Add / remove customer.
  1. In the Customer category form, in the left pane, select the category that you are adding customers to.
  2. On the Customers FastTab, click New.
  1. In the Add customers form, in the Customers list, select the customers that should be added to the category, and then click Select ->.To remove a customer, in the lower-right pane of the form, select the customer records that you want to remove, and then click Remove.
  2. After you have added the appropriate customers to the category, click OK.

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