AX – D365FO – Delete a version controlled object from AOT

If you delete a version controlled object from AOT you will probably also want the change to propagate across all AX environments (Test, UAT, PROD).

To do this you need to check in the item. The problem is that the object, once deleted, disappears from the AOT, so where do we find it?

To find it, simply open the menu item “Pending objects” under “Version Control”

This form contains all the items in checkout, including the deleted ones.

To check in these items just click on the Checkin button. Be careful because all pending objects are selected by default. So click on “None” to unselect all and select only the objects that you want to checkin. Insert a description for the changeset, a workitem in the other form tab and click OK.

To check the changeset number open changes form

The first line contains your changeset which is the last made

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