AX – D365FO – X++ Code to find all the privileges for a menu item in AX

Create this job to find all the privileges for a menu item

static void findAllThePrivilegeForSpecificMenuItem(Args _args)


    SecurityTask                          securityTask;

    SecuritySubTask                    securitySubTask;

    SecurityTaskEntryPoint          securityTaskEntryPoint;

    SecurableObject                    securableObject;


    while select * from SecurityTaskEntryPoint

              join    SecurableObject

             where SecurableObject.RecId == SecurityTaskEntryPoint.EntryPoint

              &&    SecurableObject.Name == menuitemOutputStr(TaxReport_IT_ERA) //your menu item



              while select * from securityTask

                        where securityTask.RecId == SecurityTaskEntryPoint.SecurityTask


                         info(strFmt("%1,%2,%3,%4", securityTask.AOTNAME, securityTask.Name,securityTask.Type,securityTaskEntryPoint.PermissionGroup));




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