AX – D365FO – Import users in bulk as a batch job

The HR department of company USMF is hiring new employees for different roles in the next few weeks. The active directory user accounts will be created as part of onboarding process. You must import many users from Azure Active Directory into Finance and Operations apps.

  • Go to System administration > Users > Users.
  • Select Batch import.
  • Expand the Run in the background section.
  • Select Yes in the Batch processing field.
  • In the Task description field, type a value.
  • In the Batch group field, enter or select a value, such as ‘DOMBatch’.
  • Select Yes in the Private field.
  • Select Yes in the Critical Job field.
  • In the Monitoring category field, select an option, such as ‘Integration’.
  • Select OK.
  • After the batch job is completed, all new users from active directory will be imported in Finance and Operations apps.
  • Close the page.

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