AX – D35FO – Batch processing of reports and setup of alerts

In Finance and Operations apps, any of the reports or actions can be set to run as a batch job by going to the Run in the background section of the report’s parameter pane. Set Batch processing to Yes, then provide a batch task job name, batch group, and whether the job should run as Private or Critical. The report will then be created when the batch task runs.

You can set up recurrence patterns for batch jobs. For example, you can set up a job to process invoices automatically at the end of every month.

What you see below is the dialog box on virtually all reports in the system if you select Run in the background when you select a report.

Screenshot of the Define recurrence dialog box.

To monitor batch jobs, you can set up alerts. Alerts can be sent when the batch job succeeds, fails, or has finished running.

Screenshot of the Batch job alerts dialog box.

You can also decide to send an email to somebody if succeeds, fails, or has finished running.

After a batch job has been processed, you can view the history. The history includes any messages that were encountered while the job was running.

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