AX – D365FO – Create a number sequence

Number sequences are used to generate readable, unique identifiers for master data records and transaction records that require them.

  • Go to Organization administration > Number sequences > Number sequences.
  • Select Number sequence, under the New sub-menu.
  • In the Number sequence code field, enter Formulas.
  • In the Name field, enter Formulas.
  • Expand the Scope parameters section, and select Shared as the scope for the number sequence.
  • Expand the Segments section, select Add and define the format for the number sequence as follows:
    • Segment – Constant; Value – FORM. Notice that the length is set to 4.
    • Segment – Alphanumeric; Value – ####. Notice that the length is set to 4.
  • Expand the General section, and specify whether the number sequence is manual, and continuous or non-continuous.
  • Under NUMBER ALLOCATION, set the Largest to 9999.
  • Select Save.

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