AX – D365FO – How to save filters as a fast inquires in Dynamics 365?

In dynamics 365, you can create multiple filters in the same form or report and save it
and you can retrieve this filters as fast inquires 
For example, all sales order form 
you can create a filter on sales type:: return order  as the below (all return order)
go to accounts receivables/orders/all sales orders /options tab


click advanced filter /sort


set your filtration based on your requirements and click select


click modify and click save as to rename it


click ok
by the same way you can create a filter on staus open order and save it as ( open sales order)


now how to retrieve the saved queries 
just go to the select quires drop down and select your saved query


now, when you select all return order query, all sales order form retrieve return order only


if you select the open sales order saved query, the all sales order retrieve open sales  order only 


by the same for the reports, you create multiple quires on the same report 
for example, open transaction report


click filter in record to include tab 


set your filtration and rename it from modify 
when you run this report at any time, you can select one saved quires 


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