AX – D365FO – Export a list of all records of an entity using an export job to an XLS file.

  1. Navigate to System Administration > Workspaces > Data management.
  2. Click the Framework parameters tile.
  3. In the Shared working directory field, enter C:\users\public\documents\ then click Validate.
  4. Click the Export tile.
  5. In the Name field, enter a name for the export job.
  6. In the Entity Name field, select the Vendors entity.
  7. Click on Add entity.
  8. In the Target data format field, select EXCEL.
  9. Set the Skip staging option to No.
  10. Click the Add button.
  11. Click Export to begin the export.
  12. Click on Download file.
  13. Select the Downloads folder as the location to save the downloaded file.

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