AX – D365FO – How to call a method of a calling Form objects

Suppose you ha ve Form A that calls Form B.

In Form B you want to call a method of Form A.

How to do this?

Follow these instructions.

First in Form B declare 2 variables

public class Al0VendorActivityVendorSearch extends FormRun
FormRun                 callerObject;
Object                  object;


Then in the init method set callerobject

   public void init()

        callerObject = element.args().caller();


Then in your method you can call the callerobject method. In this example the name of the callerobject method is “setStatesSelected”

    public void setStatesSelected()
        str selectedStatesString = selectedStatesGrid.text();
        if(sysFormRun::hasMethod(callerObject, identifierStr("setStatesSelected")))
            object = callerObject;

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