AX – D365FO – Ho to solve “Failed to parse data entity view queries for following data entities” error

Recently I have been working on building data entity and there was one strange error wasting my time due to the lack of descriptiveness. 

The error was: 

Database synchronization failed. You may have to do a full build of the package ‘<package name>’ and all of its dependent packages.

After a complete package build the error was:

Failed to parse data entity view queries for following data entities: <data entity name>

Still not descriptive enough!

I knew there was a problem in the new table that I have added. 

HcmWorkerTitle had a relation to this new table.

After reading a couple posts I have got a hint that it could be related to the relation between the new table and the one I tried to join it to. 

Fast-forward it was partially related to that:

The relation was not finished, so I’ve finished it by setting Related Table Cardinality value.

I have synchronized and got another error but this time a meaningful one.

The error was:

Data entity field WorkerEmergencyInfo.OfficeLocation is currently mapped to HcmWorkerTitle.OfficeLocation but it should be mapped to WorkerOfficeLocation.OfficeLocationId because HcmWorkerTitle.OfficeLocation is a foreign key field referencing WorkerOfficeLocation.OfficeLocationId.

So basically, it said, don’t add foreign keys to the entity fields(!).

Why? I cannot understand, but at least have a descriptive error message.

So now instead of HcmWorkerTitle.OfficeLocation I have added WorkerOfficeLocation.OfficeLocationId.

That solved the problem and it worked like a charm.

And guess what, just for the test I made the relation incomplete again and it still worked.

So, make your relations right in order to have a descriptive error message.

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