AX – D365 – Import and Export project with multiple objects using Visual studio


In Visual Studio we have solution that contains multiple projects. These projects helps us to organize and manage the elements. Each project contain elements from only one model. In order to move elements from one environment to another in D365, It can be easily done by using project package file which contains list of the elements added in the project.
To transfer the elements first create a project in VS and add elements to the project and follow the steps.

Export a project

Exporting a project is quite simple. You need to Right-click it and select Export Project. Provide the name of the project file and click Save. Project file is created with extension .axpp.

Import a project

Now, you can use this file to move the elements into any environment by just simply importing the project. 
Go to Visual Studio and click on Dynamics 365 -> Import Project. Now select the .axpp file you need to import. By default all the elements in the project are selected for import. After selecting the elements click OK. 

NOTE: Project package file doesn’t only carries the elements but also contains the information about the model and the layer they belongs to. So during import if the model doesn’t exists Visual Studio creates the missing model automatically.


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