AX – D365FO – Get source record from a caller object

In this example I’ll show how to obtain the source record from a caller object.

Suppose you have a form A that calls form B.

In Form B you want to know what is the data source of the Form A and if it’s a VendTable you want to retrieve the AccountNum field

 VendTable vendTableLocal;
        switch (element.args().record().dataSource().Name())
            case 'VendTable':
                vendTableLocal = element.args().record() as VendTable;

            while select al0VendorSearchCriteriaLocal
            where al0VendorSearchCriteriaLocal.AccountNum == vendTableLocal.AccountNum
                element.ExpandAndSelect(al0VendorSearchCriteriaLocal.VendorActivityRefRecId, formFirstRun);


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