AX – D365FO – Change Background or text color of a Form grid row

You can use FormDataSource.displayOption method

This method is executed one time for each record before the record is displayed in a form.

The displayOption method can be overridden on a form data source. Right-click the Methods node under the data source, point to Override Method, and then click displayOption.

This is an example

public void displayOption(Common _record, FormRowDisplayOption _options)
SalesTable prodtablelocal;
prodtablelocal = _record;
   Case SalesStatus::Delivered:
   _options.backColor(65535); //Light Yellow
   Case SalesStatus::Invoiced:
   _options.backColor(8421631); //Light Red
   Case SalesStatus::Backorder:
   _options.backColor(65408); //Light Green


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