AX – D365FO – List class

List Class

Contains any number of elements that are accessed sequentially.
Lists are structures that can contain values of any X++ type.
All the values in the list must be of the same type. Type is defined when the list is created and cannot be changed.

All X++ types can be accessable using enum Types::

Lists can be traversed by using the Enumerator , ListEnumerator class. To create a ListEnumerator object, use List.getEnumerator.

First Example
    List list = new List(Types::Integer);
    Enumerator en ;
    list.addEnd(333333); // add the value at last
    en = list.getEnumerator();
    print list.elements(); //"print number of element"
    while (en.moveNext())
        print en.current();
Second Example
    List list1  = new List(Types::Integer);
    List list2  = new List(Types::Integer);
    List combinedList  = new List(Types::Integer);
    int  i;
    for(i=1; i<6; i++)
     for(i=6; i<11; i++)
    combinedList = List::merge(list1, list2);
    print combinedList.toString();

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