AX – D365FO – How to solve error : Unable to save. Version of [object] on the server is newer

I seem to be getting the following message on a very specific object whenever I check it out and make a modification. Unable to save. Version of on the server is newer.

You usually get this message whenever someone else has modified the object since you opened MorphX/AX. However I was the one who checked this out and have tried closing out of AX completely and I would still get the message and I know no one else is accessing this object.

I found that sometimes it would allow me to save the change but then would never show it in the Client. I would restart the client and check the AOT object but it would not have saved my change made. If I exported the object from a different environment and imported into the dev environment (where is the issue was happening) then everything from the import would save ok but it would still not allow me to manually make changes.

In order to fix this error right click (in MorphX/AOT) on the object and choose “Restore” This doesn’t seem to discharge my changes but now whenever I add something to this object it seems to save it to the DB and displays correctly in the client.

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