AX – D365FO – Ho w to add a default value in a field and hide it in a Form grid

Result to obtain

go to “Vendor collaboration” –> “Vendor nformation” –>”Certifications”

A form will be opened “VendTableVendExternal”and a grid will appear

We want to set a default value for the field “Certifying organization” and hide it to the user.

How to do this in X++ :

Set Default value to the field

First create the default value into “Procurement and “sourcing parameters” form

Create the parameter that contains the default value

to do that create a table extension for the table “VendornformationFormConfiguration” and add the new filed “Al0IssuerPartyDefaultValue”

Syncronize database

Create the class “VendTableVendExternal_Handle”

class VendTableVendExternal_Handle
    /// <summary>
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="sender"></param>
    /// <param name="e"></param>
    [FormDataSourceEventHandler(formDataSourceStr(VendTableVendExternal, VendCertification), FormDataSourceEventType::Created)]
    public static void VendCertification_OnCreated(FormDataSource sender, FormDataSourceEventArgs e)
        //Al0_0270_VendorPortal - BEGIN
        //Default "vendCertification.IssuerParty" with parameter Al0IssuerPartyDefaulValue
        FormRun         form              = sender.formRun();
        FormDataSource  vendCertification_ds = form.dataSource(formDataSourceStr(VendTableVendExternal, VendCertification)) as FormDataSource;
        VendCertification vendCertification   = vendCertification_ds.cursor();
        vendCertification.IssuerParty  = VendorInformationFormConfiguration::find().Al0IssuerPartyDefaulValue;
        //Al0_0270_VendorPortal - END


Hide field

Create an extension of the class “VendTableVendExternal”

final class VendTableVendExternal_Extension
    public void init()
        next init();

        VendCertification_ds.object(fieldNum(VendCertification, issuerParty)).visible(false);


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