D365FO – AX – Create Planned Transfer Order in X++

This is a simple job to create a planned Transfer order througth X++

static void PlannedTransferOrder(Args _args)


   ReqPo       ReqPo;

   InventDim   inventDim;

   InventDim   inventDimLocal;

   ReqPlan                                 reqPlan;

   ReqPlanData     reqPlanData;

   ReqPlanId       reqPlanId = ‘Piano Generale’; //Here you put your preferred ReqPlanId

   reqPlanData = ReqPlanData::newReqPlanId(reqPlanId);




   ReqPo.initFromItemId (“440440”); //Here you put your ItemId

   ReqPo.Qty = 11; //Here you put your Qty

   reqPO.PlanVersion = reqPlanData.parmReqPlanVersionRefRecId();

   inventDim.InventLocationId = ‘AllBlank’; //InventDimId must be AllBlank

   inventDim.InventSiteId = InventLocation::find(‘AllBlank’).InventSiteId;

   inventDimLocal = inventDim::findOrCreate(inventDim);

   ReqPlannedOrder::construct().insertFromForm(ReqPo,inventDimLocal, ‘300’, ‘311’ ); //Here you put your Location From and Location To


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