D365FO – AX – Update Data Entity Target Entity fields with X++

Imagine you want to set the value of a field of the Target Entity of a Data Entity with X ++ code

You have to create an extension class that extends the data Entity, extends “mapEntityToDataSource” method and add your code inside.

[ExtensionOf(tableStr(PurchPurchaseOrderHeaderV2Entity))] //Extends Data Entity
final class Al0PurchPurchaseOrderHeaderV2Entity_Extension
    public void mapEntityToDataSource(DataEntityRuntimeContext _entityCtx, DataEntityDataSourceRuntimeContext _dataSourceCtx) //Extends method
        switch (_dataSourceCtx.name())
            case dataEntityDataSourceStr(PurchPurchaseOrderHeaderV2Entity, PurchTable):
            PurchPurchaseOrderHeaderV2Entity purchPurchaseOrderHeaderV2Entity = _entityCtx.getEntityRecord(); //Get Data Entity buffer (Source Entity)
            PurchTable purchTable = _dataSourceCtx.getBuffer(); //Get Target Entity buffer
            purchTable.MatchingAgreement = PurchAgreementHeader::findAgreementId(purchPurchaseOrderHeaderV2Entity.Al0PurchAgreementRef).RecId; //Set Target entity field 
        next mapEntityToDataSource(_entityCtx, _dataSourceCtx);

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