D365FFO – Identify all extension changes made to the base form

  • There are two possibilities :

  1. Right-click the base form and select view references.
  2. In the search bar on the form extension element, enter the text e:.

  1. Customization and Extension –
  1. Example: Navigate to FMRental.Extension in the Tree Designer
    In the Visual Studio, in Solution Explorer, in the FleetManagement Discounts project, expand User Interface > Form Extensions.

The FMRental.Extension element is an extension element that extends the functionality of the FMRental form by adding two new data sources and a new tab control.
2. In Solution Explorer, double-click FMRental.Extension to open the designer.

3. In the designer’s search box, type ‘e:’ as shown in the image below. This filters the current designer to only show nodes that belong to the current extension.

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