D365FO – AX – Cache Lookup Property of table

Caches are used on both the client and the server. It increases the performance, the ax will get data from the cache instead of doing round trips and DB calls. So for each table, it's good to use cache lookup property. Microsoft Dynamics Ax runtime manages the cache by removing old records when new records are … Continue reading D365FO – AX – Cache Lookup Property of table


Record caching is enabled for a table when all the following statements are true: The CacheLookup property on the table is enabled by setting it to one of the following values: NotInTTS, Found, FoundAndEmpty.The record buffer disableCache method has not been called with a parameter of true. Records are cached for all unique indexes when all the following criteria are … Continue reading D365FFO – AX – SINGLE-RECORD CACHING


In Microsoft Dynamics AX, groups of records can be cached all at once with set-based caching. Set-based caching can be implemented in two ways: At design time, by setting the table's CacheLookup property to EntireTable.In code, by using the RecordViewCache class. EntireTable Cache When you set a table's CacheLookup property to EntireTable, all the records … Continue reading D365FFO – AX – SET-BASED CACHING