AX – D365FO – Collection classes in X++ #d365fo

Reference article : The collection classes are shown in the following table. ClassDescriptionArraySimilar to the X++ language array type except that it can hold values of any single type, including objects and records. Objects are accessed in a specific order.For more information, see X++, C# Comparison: Array Syntax.ListContains elements that are accessed sequentially.Unlike the Array … Continue reading AX – D365FO – Collection classes in X++ #d365fo

D365FFO – AX – SET Class

Set consist of a data set that contains values of the same type, where value is unique. A Set is alway sorted on the value. Contents 1 How to use1.1 Define1.2 Insert a value1.3 Exists value1.4 Getting values1.4.1 SetIterator1.4.2 SetEnumerator1.5 Removing values1.6 Other methods1.7 Passing across tiers2 See also How to use[edit] Define[edit] <xpp> Set s = new Set(Types::STRING); </xpp> Insert a value[edit] <xpp> s.add("Wassini"); s.add("Eric"); </xpp> … Continue reading D365FFO – AX – SET Class