AX – D365FO – Enable network printing

This topic describes how to install and configure the Document Routing Agent (DRA). The DRA is a downloadable application that you can use to enable network printing scenarios. You can enable network printers for specific companies by using in-client administrative pages. Preparing to install the Document Routing Agent Supported on Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Microsoft … Continue reading AX – D365FO – Enable network printing

AX – D365FO – Create an organization hierarchy

Organizations and organizational hierarchies overview : Plan your organizational hierarchy : Create an organization hierarchy : Create a legal entity : Create an operating unit :

AX – D365FO – Task recorder

Task recorder resources : Task Recorder quick reference : Create documentation or training with Task Recorder :

AX – D365FO – Alerts Management

Alerts overview : alert rules : processing of alerts : alert notifications by email :

AX – D365FO – Set up units and unit conversions (Retail essentials)

This topic explains how to set up units of measure and unit conversions for products in Retail essentials. A unit of measure is a standard quantity, size, or other basis that is used for measurement or exchange. When you enter an order in Retail essentials, you specify a quantity and the unit of measure that … Continue reading AX – D365FO – Set up units and unit conversions (Retail essentials)

AX – D365FO – Change the date for a session

This topic explains how to change the date for a session. By default, the current date is used when entering and posting journal entries or source documents. You can change the date that is used for your current session. Use this feature to back-date journal entries or source documents, as necessary. In the navigation pane, … Continue reading AX – D365FO – Change the date for a session